Well.. we are teachers, right? or at least that’s what we call ourselves ๐Ÿ˜‰
and yet, the more we teach, the more we learn.. so in a way, we never stop being students either. This is simply because teaching and learning are interconnected in this continuous exchange that can utlimately make us grow as individuals and as professionals. Somebody said: “happiness is real only when shared” and well, that’s exactly what I think about knowledge too: we cannot be satisfied with just growing as individuals, we need to collaborate, share our knowledge and create opportunities for other people to grow too so that all of us, together, can improve.

We are single pieces of a puzzle that by coming together can generate new visions, methods, approaches and inventions.

We are the only species on earth capable of passing on this type of knowledge and our evolution and progress depend on how well we are able to connect and contaminate each other’s view of the world, by constantly shifting perspectives.


Editor, teacher, co-founder.

I am fond of foreign languages, ancient cultures and remote lands.

I teach English in my online language school, create customized courses and teaching materials and offer professional support to teachers.

Making language learning easy and accessible has always been my mission.




Exchange among teachers provides a way to make available what has been learned by each one during their own experience, and not only what has been learned through professional courses, but through knowledge gained in the field, through individual experimentation and research and everything which is simply not found in textbooks.



By collaborating we could ensure constant professional development to anyone and anywhere and raise the bar of excellence of our field, as a category.



Our profession is constantly evolving so it is crucial to create meaningful relationships. Connection is the great privilege of our generations and today more than ever we can break geographical barriers and expand this exchange more and more, even on a global scale.